Other Coding and new theme!

Horrayyy, my basic portfolio is now fully functional. Added two non-gaming, relevant projects to 'Other Coding', made a bunch of small changes here and there, and changed the theme to Darkly, a cool little Bootstrap theme. Enjoy! Oh, and any designers have a tip to make this more palpable, shoot me an email (on my about page). Thanks!

Game Dev and Resume up!

Horray! This Bootstrap stuff is fun, DEM COLUMNS. Anyhoo, I've got the basics of my showcased games set up in my 'Game Dev' section, each with downloads or appropriate links to play them. Also, resume is set up (DAT IFRAME) and downloadable to .pdf or .docx. Bed time for me soon, but tomorrow I'll add details about two non-game programming projects to the 'Other Coding' section.

'About Me' section now created

Now you can gaze into my malformed mind and judge my hobbies! Horray!

Welcome to my portfolio!

Still in construction, but thanks for visiting! This is the video game development and programming blog of Alex Lockwood, psuedonamed 'Proper Cthulhu'. Soon, you'll be able to see all I've done with games, notable coding projects, blog, and information. Woot!